Trainatic Running Form Analysis

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  • Designed to help you run faster & further, minimize injuries and impact on your body.
  • Get your running form analyzed by Certified Running Technique Specialist.
  • Include simple drills and strength training videos to help your body develop the strength, flexibility and awareness to naturally transform your form.

Your 2nd video analyzed at only RM50

Want to know if your form is improved? Send us your 2nd video within 2 months time for the same analysis.


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Run FASTER, EASIER and Stay INJURY-FREE with Your Running Form Professionally Analysed

Most runners would agree that the 2 BIGGEST challenges they face are:

  • Running injuries.
  • Couldn’t cross the finish line faster.

In some way both challenges are correlated with each other. I’ll explain later.

Problem #1: Running injuries

Research indicates an estimated 85% of runners suffer from running injuries that stop them from at least 6 days of running throughout the year.

If you are an experienced runners you must be familiar with injury terms like runner’s knee, ITB, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis etc.

Now the 2nd challenge…

Problem #2: Couldn’t cross the finish line faster

Let’s be honest, runners of any level at all ages wish they can run faster.

It is tempting to target a 1:45 half-marathon the moment when Sub 2 is achieved.

Doing speed work, weekend LSD, join running clubs, hip strength workout, form rolling for faster recovery. Sound familiar?

running form classRunners especially newbies improve significantly at the beginning until the progress slows down if not stop at some point.

They focus on improving their conditioning, eg VO2Max, anaerobic threshold, and strength but overlook running technique.

In our years of experience we noticed that most the main cause of running injuries and not being fast enough – the runners are over-striding.

“Over-striding is the biggest flaw in running technique. It not only increases pressure on your joints, tendons and ligaments which lead to most running injuries, it also increase your ground contact time, which make you slower.”

Simply put, running technique is the factor that can make or break any runner.

What is a Good Running Technique?

A good running technique utilizes the laws of nature and passive mechanics (free energy from elastic energy return).

In other words,

“Good runners take advantage of gravity and fall forward.

Instead of pushing, they pull their support foot to allow the body to fall forward, while the other foot drops down passively, in a change of support.”

But it takes proper video filming and bio-mechanical knowledge to tell if you are doing it correctly.

Another HUGE challenge is the transition of your old technique to the new technique.

It takes the precise perception and knowledge to help you make the technique transition easily and accurately.

And that’s the reason “Trainatic Running Form Analysis” is designed.

This online course includes your running video analysis, identifying flaws in your own form while providing you with a simple-to-follow, progressive set of drills, mental cues and important running strength training to help you make lasting changes to your form.

It is carefully designed to improve your training and racing performance, help prevent injuries and give a competitive edge.

Your legs and body will thank you for making the positive decision to finally pay attention and making transition to your running form.

I’m sure this course will be the best investment in your running journey.

What’s Included

We provide you with a complete analysis of your current form and a simple course designed to help you understand and make gradual, lasting changes to your form.


You can send us a video of yourself running.

Our Certified Running Specialist (Pose Method Level 1 & 2) will begin to analyze your form using specialized software.

We will provide you a detailed breakdown that includes information on all aspects of your form that needs to be improved.


The main purpose of drills is to enhance your perception of a particular part of technique.

These drills are simple and only takes about 20 seconds each to perform before your run, but the benefits are significant!


A body without a sufficient foundation of strength will not be able to perform and maintain proper technique.

In this video you’ll learn runners specific strength exercises that help you prevent injuries, run with proper technique and achieve your running potential.


1) Warm Up and Cool Down Stretching Exercises Video

This creates forward movement, with the least cost (energy use), and the least effort. The end result is faster race times, freer running and no more injuries!


Upon order, simply take a video of you running and email to us with your order number.

Filming Procedure:

  • Use a HD smartphone/camera.
  • Your filming location should be relatively flat and wide.
  • Your filming device should be 30-50 meters away from your running.
  • Wear cloth that will contrast with the background.

Here’s sample:


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