JoyUps Acupressure Pillow

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This spiky pillow is designed to effectively relieve your neck pain, insomnia and general fatigue. Make this the best ever investment in your wellness.


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This Amazing Acupressure Pillow Could Transform Your Life…

JoyUps Acupressure Pillow provides much-need treatment to your neck, lower back and/or jawline. It works best when combine with the mat to help support your neck while lying on your back.

  • Improve mood. Eliminate tension, stress, and anxiety;
  • Relieve neck pain;
  • Fall asleep more quickly and deeply through the night.

How Can the JoyUps Acupressure Pillow be so Effective?

The mat has 5,250 stimulation points.

The pillow has 1,300 plastic stimulation points. When these small stimulation points apply pressure to your skin, they stimulate the nerve endings which stimulates blood flow.

With increased blood circulation, your neck becomes warm and releases pleasurable endorphins and oxytocin. As a result, stiffness in your neck subsides. Feelings of stress and anxiety dissipate.

The Design

JoyUps Acupressure Pillow is covered with 52 acupressure plates (flowers), each in its turn covered with 25 stimulation points for a total of 1,300 stimulation points. The pillow measures 16.9″ x 9″ x 3.9″ (in cm 43 x 23 x 10).

The pillow is made of 100% cotton (AZO cert, no synthetic during dye) and Polypropylene. The acupressure plates are made of non-toxic 100% recycled ABS plastic that is melted on to the fabric (no glue is used).

*Carrying bag is only available with purchase of JoyUps Acupressure Mat or combo set.

Exclusive Bonus to Get Optimum Results – Yours FREE

Relaxing Music ProEven better, you’ll get the “Relaxing Music Pro” complete album when you place an order at JoyUps.

Created by one of the best American artists Rick Moyer, this instant-download MP3 album offers you over 280 minutes of music designed to improve your mood and motivation.

Simply play it in your computer or smartphone while using your acupressure mat.

Many say this is the best daily regimen they’ve ever tried.


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