Malaysia Female Runners Guide: Please Run Safe

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Whether you are preparing for marathon or simply enjoy running to ease stress and get in some healthy exercise runners need to take precautions to ensure each run is completed safely.

If you are a female runner, you may need to increase those safety precautions to protect yourself both from injury and from an attack.

Here are some tips to help Female runners in Malaysia run more safely.

Safety Tips To Protect You Against An Attack of Any Kind

1. Listen to Your Intuition

One of the biggest mistakes a female runner can make is ignoring their intuition.

If you sense danger during your run, even if that feeling seems to be unwarranted, don’t ignore the feeling and instantly make changes to make yourself feel safer and more secure whether that means crossing the street, or turning around and running the other way.

2. Try Not to Run Alone Especially at Night

Most attackers find two or more people harder to control than a single person so having a running partner will reduce your risk of being attacked.

If you can’t find someone to run with you then running with a dog may help to make an attacker think twice before accosting you.

3. Always Run Where there are Lights and People

Most attackers don’t want to call attention to themselves so running in areas that are well lit and there are people who may come to your aid can help reduce your risk of an attack.

4. Don’t Wear Headphones

Despite seeing movies where all those runners and joggers run through the park and remote areas wearing headphones and listening to music wearing headphones when running can prevent you from hearing anyone that may be approaching you, which can increase the risk of an attack.

So leave those headphones at home and stay alert whenever you are running.

5. Always Let Someone Know Where You are Running

Before leaving for your run always let someone know where you will be running and your expect return time

That way should you not return, there is someone who can alert the authorities quickly, which may help save you should you be kidnapped or attacked.

6. Run with a Personal Safety Device

There are a number of personal safety devices that will track your route or can send an alert by a simple push of button.

While these safety devices won’t prevent an attack, they may be enough to frighten off an attacker or help authorities find you should you be attacked or removed from the area in which you are running.

7. Vary Your Running Route

If someone is stalking you or lying in wait because they have seen you running along your route, varying that route and running different routes on a regular basis will reduce your chances of becoming a target since an attacker won’t know where you will be on any given day.

8. Learn Some Self Defense

If you as a woman plan on running on a regular basis then it is wise to learn some self defense.

Having the ability to fight back in the case of an attack just may save your life and keep you safe should an attack occur.

9. Don’t Be Overly Trusting

Don’t assume that just because someone is a friend of your running partner you will safe running with them.

Think about the number of times when someone has committed a crime and all their friends and family members have said that they couldn’t believe that the person would have committed such a crime.

Just because someone knows a friend of yours doesn’t mean they are a stranger to you.

Safety Tips To Help Prevent Injury

1. Invest in Proper Running Gear

Just like with any activity or sport, having the right gear is an important part of helping you prevent injury.

Make sure when running you wear comfortable and lose fitting clothes and spend the needed money on a good pair of proper running shoes.

2. Always Warm Up Before Running

Many injuries that occur in runners are due to them not taking the time warm up properly before they begin their run.

Make sure that you do those stretches and other warm up exercises to loosen those muscles and help prevent injury.

3. Make Yourself Visible

You can’t assume that drivers of vehicles, bicyclists or other runners are going to be alert enough to notice you running so you need to stay alert and wear reflective gear and bright colored clothing to make yourself as visible as possible.

Being highly visible can also call attention to you in case of an attack.

4. Don’t Run If You Are Feeling Under the Weather

Most avid runners, especially those in training hate to miss out on their daily run.

However, if you are feeling slightly ill and attempt to run you are less alert to the dangers around you and more likely to injure yourself.

5. Be Alert to Obstacles

Small holes in the ground, slippery gravel, and other obstacles can result in injury when running.

So be alert to any obstacles in your path especially when running in an unfamiliar area.

6. Carry ID and Some Money When Running

While you don’t need to carry a lot of money when running you do want to carry enough so that you can hire a cab or call for a ride should the weather suddenly change or you pull a muscle.

You also want to carry ID in case you are injured seriously enough that you need to be taken to the hospital.

7. Always Run Against Traffic

Running against traffic will allow you to notice any driver that is not paying attention and may pose a risk to you.

In addition running against traffic can prevent a slow moving car driven by someone who wants to attack you from creeping up on you unnoticed.

Final Thought

While there is no way that anyone can guarantee the safety of women runners in Malaysia, you can reduce the risks to your safety by staying alert and following certain precautions.

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