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Affiliate Program

  • Up to 30% Commission

  • Complete Earning Report

  • Withdrawal on Every 1st Day of Month

Our affiliate program is right for you if you are running sports related blog, online magazine, race organizers or basically anyone who could drive targeted traffic to their online establishments.

All you need to do is register as affiliate and start promoting our services with the promotional tools below.


Promotional Tools


Trainatic Custom Training Plans – Set 1


Trainatic Running Form Analysis – Set 1

About Trainatic

Established by certified running coaches, Trainatic focuses on Custom Training Plans. We believe every runners are different – not only physical but goals and commitment. General plans might work well for some people but if you are determined to up level your running experience and goal time, a Custom Training Plans at such affordable price is definitely your best ever investment.

On the other hand, Trainatic Running Form Analysis is designed to help improve your running technique so that you can run faster, further and injury-free.  Simply take a video with your smartphone and our experienced Certified Pose Method Running Technique Specialist will analyze your running with advanced analysis tools and explain in simple term.