20 Things Runners Absolutely Hate

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When you are out running in Malaysia, it’s easy to find yourself getting annoyed.

The world of running is fraught with difficulty and with people, frankly, getting in the way of you enjoying your run.

When this happens, you can begin to feel like you are just so stressed out!

If you are one of the many runners in Malaysia, then you will no doubt recognise some of the following issues.

1. ‘Hey, are you out jogging?’

The epitome of an insult for any runner is to be broken down to the rank of a mere jogger.

You are out kicking ass, burning calories and taking names all at once.

Jogging? Pah! When do joggers move so fast!?

2. Early start toilet breaks.

Few things can be more annoying as a runner than simply having to stop a few metres into the journey for a toilet break.

Regardless of what you need to attend to, breaking your running experience to find a restroom is an inconvenience that runners will hate.

3. Water bottle gone.

At the same time, though, the very reason why you need to go to the toilet – drinking lots of water – is a frustration in itself.

How annoying is it when your water bottle has been picked up and binned by a fast-acting cleaner?

4. Get out the way.

One of the most annoying things, though, for a runner is to see a sidewalk being taken up by slow-moving, Whatsapp-ing zombies.

Get out the way!

Some of us are trying to make the most of every moment that we live for, not live our entire lives through a screen!

5. Get out the way, part two.

The only thing to match the irritation of a slow moving sidewalk is a pet-loaded sidewalk.

Trying to get people as they move at a glacial pace with their dogs and pets is infuriating.

6. Rain, rain go away.

Nothing is worse when you are out on a run and the rain starts to lash down.

Sure, it can cool you down, but when it certainly ruins your mood and ambitions to break previous times!

7. GPS watch no signal.

When you go for a run, you can just lose all track of time and location.

When you go to use your GPS watch to find out where you are, though, nothing is more frightening/frustrating than constant ‘NO SIGNAL’ messages, leaving you stranded until it connects again.

8. Getting out of the heat.

For most runners, the time to go for a run is during the summer.

Malaysian runners, though, will understand just how hot the humidity can get most of the time.

Before long, you might be wishing for a gust of wind to cool you down!

9. Non-expert injury diagnosis.

When you’re on a run and you stop for a break, being told by an ‘expert’ that running is bad for your knees is utterly infuriating!

It’s untrue and none of their business. How rude, right?

10. Shoe damage to toenails.

It’s such an acute pain, right?

When you take your shoes off and your toenails begin to throb.

This is a nightmare, and one that just about every runner absolutely hates feeling.

Mere joggers, walkers and workers don’t understand just how painful this can be, right?

11. The pain of running.

Related to the above, runners hate having their week ruined with an injury.

A hamstring injury or anything similar can leave you laid-up and unable to get to work or do anything.

As a runner, nothing is more painful than being forced to sit!

12. Feet blisters.

Alongside our painful pal the toenail tension, we have the blistering of our feet.

There’s not much that you can do about it apart from grimace and just use the constant pain and burning of the blister to push you to even greater heights and success when running.

13. Tons of event tees.

When you go for a lot of races and running events, you pick up all manner of race t-shirts that just end up becoming wardrobe padding.

It’s a nightmare, and it genuinely puts a lot of runners off going; who wants another ‘well done’ t-shirt, exactly!?

14. More running tracks?

More importantly for a runner, though, is lacking the space to do your running properly.

If you run out of space due to a lack of running track, as Malaysia lacks ample running tracks at 400m in size, you’ll get so frustrated not training to standard.

15. Killing the pace.

However, one thing worse than running out of room is running out of motivation.

When you get hit with some slow-paced love ballad, you need to stop and change the track.

It’s an absolute momentum killer, and can ruin what was going to be a good personal time. Frustrating!

16. In-out, in-out.

Just as annoying as the earbud playing poor music choices, though, is earbuds that will not stay in place.

This is infuriating, and often does quite a poor job of making sure you can stay in a positive mood as you pick up the pace and move forward.

17. Feeling the hate.

When you are out running and you feel someone staring at you because you make them feel guilty.

Hey, it’s not my fault you live on a diet of hot dogs and apple pie, my friend!

Runners hate feeling judgements from others on their skin.

18. Honking.

Just as bad for a runner, though, is hearing some letch from the sidewalk, sporting a third belly and fifth chin, giving you some insulting or leering comments.

Eyes on the road; you might want to consider doing a bit of running yourself.

Who knows? You might get annoyed by the perverts then, too!

19. Rude runners.

When you are out on a run, the last thing you need is some hyper-competitive clown trying to turn it into a marathon session.

You aren’t here to race someone else, you are here to focus on your training.

Hyper-competitive racers can, frankly, get in the bin.

20. Loss of data.

Last but not least, though, is when your ‘smart watch’ plays dumb and stops recording your data as you run.

OK, you’ll just need to pretend that your last run broke all of your previous records.

Not quite as good as having proof though, right?

Final Thought

For any runner, then, the above might just be the perfect example of why it’s so easy to leave off your running shoes and instead open up another packet of pretzels!

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